Definition: Sexual Perversion!!

When I’m not regularly posting to Flickr, my stats get dominated by the dreaded Unknown Sources. Today, for example, two thirds of the total hits on my pages have come from those mysterious, unknowable Internet realms.

I did have one hit, however, from a knowable Other Site. Eagerly I clicked to see what it was. A site called  Increase My Vocabulary. Here’s the actual page of that site where you will find one of my photoshop spoof images illustrating the dictionary definition of  — sexual pervasion….

Here is my image, accompanied by the text which, I assume, led to its inclusion on the cited page:

“Baroness” Lyla Marie Lucille Bach (1870 – 1927)

Otto von Bismark’s “Little Rose”, Bach was born in Adobeburgh, Finland, to wealthy if stupid parents. After finishing Finnish finishing school in 1886 with a double major in harping and fainting, Lyla,  as she now correctly called herself, moved to Berlin where she became the mistress of Gert Frobe, the third best Shakespearean actor in Germany (who can forget his magnificent soliloquy, “Sein oder nicht, ein Idiot zu sein…”) Frobe was tragically impotent, however, and could only consummate his love for Lyra on a night of a full moon and then only if she recited Romeo’s lines from the balcony scene  from Shakespeare’s tragedy (with a servant “on book” in the closet to insure Lyra remembered her lines  if she went blank at Frobe’s most crucial moment). Disgusted by the actor’s growing perversity, Bach  left him and turned to the stage. Ironically cast as Juliet by the Berlin Beer, Sausage & Drama Association in 1889. Her performance was such a triumph she caught the eye of the powerful German chancellor Bismark  whose ardor for her caused something of a scandal in proper German society. Sadly, Bismark own sexual oddities doomed the relationship when Lyra finally refused in couples counseling to allow him to continue wearing his cavalry spurs and helmet during the more intimate moments of theire relationship (she was willing, however, to continue wearing his monocle and even to having a map of Bavaria tattooed on one of the more private parts of her female anatomy). After Bismark’s death in 1898, Bach was shunned by Berlin high society. In 1905 she moved to Switzerland and worked as a traveling strudel maker until her untimely death from Italian Measles in 1927. Photograph and text courtesy of the Center for Concentric Studies & Glass Management, Cracow.

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