Flickr Erotica (East Asia Edition)

More Visions nostalgia!!

 Back in the day, when Visions was still a favored child of  WordPress, we ran an occasional feature entitled Flickr Erotica. It was, of course, just another tawdry excuse to link to hot shots by Flickr erotic photographers.  Then our mother WordPress cast us out into the wilderness and we fell into deep despair… But now, thanks to a change of meds, we be making a comeback!

As always, gotta be a Flickr member with safe search OFF to see the good stuff below.


Now here’s something you don’t see every day Vintage Japanese Porn – thanks to Okinawa Soba. On a more refined level, view his fascinating sets of vintage photos of Geishas.

Taiwanese, c0466art has a very full bag of Canon gear, but his style is guileless, his models sweet and modest. Nontheless, his photo spreads have a strong erotic undercurrent.

Daniel_W1 posts from south Korea. His small set HONEY LEE will make you want to travel west. He has a nice gallery of Korean race queens, too.

Just for fun, check out this strangely lovely – and sexy – image by EmpressLouann, an “Asian Crossdresser” in Los Angeles.

Finally, we have Exotic Julie, who may be a professional of  another sort, I’ll leave you to your own opinion. Warning, some of her sets and photos are definitely not work friendly…


Asian BeautiesAsian UpskirtsAsian Wife Club 

 Sweet Asian Ass  by SAPO ESSAY, creative commons license

Read all of VISIONS

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