Playing in the Mud

OK, so I was all set to post some hot Flickr, creative commons nudes on Visions… Then I remembered the world is  supposed to end today at 6:00 PM. I wasn’t certain where I stood with the folks upstairs, so thought I’d better put off posting the really raunchy stuff. So here, instead, are some arty remixes I did of some cute photos Stinkie Pinkie took in 2008 at something called Mud Fest in Chungcheongnam-Do, South Korea. As always, I have remixed, and published, these images subject to a creative commons license.

I wrote defensively in an earlier post about the immodest size of my Flickr stream. Well, Stinkie Pinkie has uploaded 27,583 photos!!! When Stinkie decides to photograph an event he goes all out. His two Mud Fest sets total more than twenty-seven hundred shots!! Thankfully, his marvelous set Exxxotica NJ (2010) boasts 2200+ hot shots!! His homage to the 2008 Asian Body Painting Festival fills the canvas with more than 2,400 captures. On the other hand, poor Pinkie only managed to snap a paltry 725 photos of the 2010 Coney Island Mermaid Parade

A few other Flickr sets featuring photos taken at various Exxxotica events: Miami 2007, by drpOnpO;  New York 2008, by  Anime Nut; Miami Beach 2010, by Jimi Photog (Highly recommended: his NJ/NY 2010); Exxxotica NY (NJ) 2009, by FC252 Photo; and 2010 Exxxotica L.A., by Calibre68.

A Flickr Group dedicated to Exxxotica in New York.

Read all of VISIONS

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