If Wishing Made it So

There’s a lot of unpleasantness in the world. A lot of stuff some of us, maybe most of us, would just like to vanish from life. Stuff like war and famine, poverty, tyrany and Florida football. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just forget about all that stuff?

The Tennessee state senate is on our side. Knowing that for a large percentage of Tennesseans, particularly white, evangelical Christians, the rapidly advancing status of gay Americans is painfully disturbing, the senate has banished the subject from Tennessee schools. Your precious child will, if the bill becomes law, be spared any education about the evil and radical Gay Agenda in grades K-8. Thank God the senate jumped on this, because while no one could actually find any Tennessee school teaching anything about gays now you just never can be too safe. I mean, when I was a kid they didn’t mention anything in schools about the colored folk, either, but look what’s happened since…

The Tennessee Statehouse, by me. Not as funny as it looks…

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