My Flickr site, as  of this morning, displays 11,002 photographs (wait… I think there are two or three videos included in that total). Is that a lot? What do you think? Too many!!?? I know for a fact there are Flickr sites with more than that. I’ve seen them.

As of today (May 14, 2011) I’ve been posting on Flickr for five years and 313 days. Divide 11,002 by 2,138 (total days I’ve been on Flickr) and… and… Ahh! That an average of a mere five and a bit (5.14593078, to be precise) photos posted each of those days. That doesn’t seem so high, does it? Not really, no. Not at all.


Thanks god I’m not one of those pathetic compulsive Flickr posters!!

The second photo I posted on Flickr at 1:12AM on July 4, 2005. 

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