Why Won’t my Unicycle Do My Laundry!?

Blink… Blink… Blink… Its Sunday morning. I need to post something here. Blink… Blink… Blink… Inspiration seems in short supply. Blink… Blink… Blink… 

The Nikon D5100, the successor to my D5000, does video almost as well as a dedicated video camera. I don’t care. I have shot nary a frame of video on my Nikon. If I wanted to shoot decent video I’d buy a decent video camera with lots of features you won’t find on the D5100.

I love my iPhone, but its success seems to have spawned a frenzied competition in consumer electronics to add features to old line products like cameras. When, I wonder, will Nikon and Canon come out with cameras with built in MP3 players? Or GPS (oh, wait, they already have…)? Or FM radios??

Why won’t my unicycle do my laundry and sing to me at bedtime?

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