I’m normally a very frugal – and very lazy – photographer. I confess most of the shots of mine on Flickr were taken out the window from the relative comfort of my Honda Civic. Most of those photos were taken within twenty or so miles of my modest Blount county abode. For some time I’ve thought about listing in notes of each Flickr set I publish the cost and distance travelled to collect the photos. I’m too lazy to actually do the math, but it would probably average about ten bucks and thirty or so miles.

Not last weekend. Good Friday we drove down to Atlanta. The excuse to flee home was  an expedition to photograph inside the George Aquarium. The cost? Pushing five hundred dollars. Distance travelled? Four hundred plus miles. Now imagine me struggling against huge crowds to fight my way into decent shooting position with two cameras dangling from my fat, sweaty neck and a camera case slung over my aching shoulder.  After two and a half plus hours I staggered out of the aquarium on rubbery legs with hundreds of photos safely stashed on an eight gig SD card in my d5000 and a two gig card in my venerable d50. My plan to use the d50 with its focusing motor with my 50mm 1.8 lens didn’t work as well as I had hoped. With a wide open aperture focusing in the dim, bluish light proved very much a hit or miss affair. I should have shot at 2.8…

Here’s the set 

Reluctantly doing the math…. Hmm. It seems I spent about seven bucks per photo (assuming the set tops out at seventy images). Of course, I don’t guess it was absolutely necessary to the expedition to drop over a hundred dollars in the French American Brasserie Friday night.. On the other hand I don’t think I could have survived Saturday without those marvelous mussels

No News on the Pilgrim Front

I ran a google search on Janet Pilgrim (born Charlaine Edith Karalus in 1934) this morning. As with every search since my original post, there remains nothing about her dated  after 1979. I admit this is becoming a bit of a mild obsession.  I picked one of Pilgrim’s contemporary Playmates at random, Delores Del Monte (March 1954), and ran a search and immediately found her web site with information on her as recent as January of this year. On the other hand, Neva Gilbert’s (July 1954)  last mention on the ‘Net appears to date  from 1979. Both Del Monte and Gilbert were not photographed by Playboy; their images were purchased from third party photographers.

Here’s a “royalty free” photo of Pilgrim… 

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