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Laughing on Sunday

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By Sapo Essay, subject to a creative commons license

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Sweet Dreams…

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By Paulo Ebling, (website) courtesy of a creative commons license.

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Flickr Erotica (East Asia Edition)

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More Visions nostalgia!!

 Back in the day, when Visions was still a favored child of  WordPress, we ran an occasional feature entitled Flickr Erotica. It was, of course, just another tawdry excuse to link to hot shots by Flickr erotic photographers.  Then our mother WordPress cast us out into the wilderness and we fell into deep despair… But now, thanks to a change of meds, we be making a comeback!

As always, gotta be a Flickr member with safe search OFF to see the good stuff below.


Now here’s something you don’t see every day Vintage Japanese Porn – thanks to Okinawa Soba. On a more refined level, view his fascinating sets of vintage photos of Geishas.

Taiwanese, c0466art has a very full bag of Canon gear, but his style is guileless, his models sweet and modest. Nontheless, his photo spreads have a strong erotic undercurrent.

Daniel_W1 posts from south Korea. His small set HONEY LEE will make you want to travel west. He has a nice gallery of Korean race queens, too.

Just for fun, check out this strangely lovely – and sexy – image by EmpressLouann, an “Asian Crossdresser” in Los Angeles.

Finally, we have Exotic Julie, who may be a professional of  another sort, I’ll leave you to your own opinion. Warning, some of her sets and photos are definitely not work friendly…


Asian BeautiesAsian UpskirtsAsian Wife Club 

 Sweet Asian Ass  by SAPO ESSAY, creative commons license

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Duże Piersi!

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Back to the mindless good  ole days! Thanks to Vinnie Hose’s love of Big Breasts, here are thirteen pair of the same you are just sure to love… Mam nadzieję, że docenisz te zdjęcia!

As always, you gotta belong to Flickr and have safe search OFF to see any of these fotos.. 

Tarczyn Telatyn Tęgoborze Tokarnia Topolno

Torzym Trawniki Truskolasy Tryńcza Trypucie

Trzcianka Trzcianne Trzcinica

Original by Powell Burns, remixed by me, subject to a creative commons license

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It Just Gets Under my Skin

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By Bob Prosser, subject to a creative commons license

So you finally got hired to do a cool ad shoot. You find some edgy looking models, including a good looking dude with a really original looking tattoo along his right arm. You make sure to get full model releases from everyone. Your work is first rate; the agency is happy. They really love the shot of the guy’s tattoo right next to the product. You cash the check. The spread runs in some national magazines and shots also appear in a couple of newspapers. Everyone especially loves the hunky guy with the wicked tattoo. Your Blackberry is buzzing all the time…

Then you get sued… By the artist who created that wicked tattoo… The guy wants a million dollars for copyright infringement!



Maybe. Check out this intriguing piece in  New York Times.

The story raises too many issues to address  here. Assuming you aren’t photographing only the tattoo — close up — I don’t think you are at real risk. Fair use would seem to be a viable defense. The obvious tension between the tattoo artist’s copyright and the model’s right to make commercial use of her  likeness would seem to me to strengthen a fair use defense when the model has given a release.

Here’s a good discussion of the fair use defense  available to the studio in the Hangover II Mike Tyson case covered in the Times‘ article.

But imagine… As a practical matter I might now have to advise a photographer not to use a model with a visible tattoo without getting a tattoo release. Of course, you need that release from the original owner of the design’s copyright, and not just the the guy who inked the model’s arm. How would you ever know????

This Freakonomics post brings some common sense to the issue. Sadly, the law often shows very little respect for common sense.

At least one copyright lawsuit by a tattooist (against the NBA in 2005) got far enough to reap the artist a settlement. Note the hostile tone of the piece toward the artist. Apparently if someone features your art in a major advertising campaign you’re just greedy to want compensation… After reviewing other articles on the subject… Tattoos seem to get little respect as art. Many commenters to pieces about the Hangover II case seem to think tattoos aren’t deserving of copyright protection. Why?

Oh, in case you wondered, tattooing is protected by the First Amendment. In Massachusetts, for example,  a state law banning tattoo parlors was  overturned on free speech grounds in 2001.

Flickr Girls with Sexy Tattoos! 

Original by ALAN ANTIPORDA, remixed by me, subject to a creativecommons license.

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Democracy is Real, Ya!

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Mass protests Spain

The Arab Revolution

Republican Presidential  Candidates

Stop Sexual Violence

Arnold Schwarzenegger



Osama Bin Laden’s Hideawy

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Playing in the Mud

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OK, so I was all set to post some hot Flickr, creative commons nudes on Visions… Then I remembered the world is  supposed to end today at 6:00 PM. I wasn’t certain where I stood with the folks upstairs, so thought I’d better put off posting the really raunchy stuff. So here, instead, are some arty remixes I did of some cute photos Stinkie Pinkie took in 2008 at something called Mud Fest in Chungcheongnam-Do, South Korea. As always, I have remixed, and published, these images subject to a creative commons license.

I wrote defensively in an earlier post about the immodest size of my Flickr stream. Well, Stinkie Pinkie has uploaded 27,583 photos!!! When Stinkie decides to photograph an event he goes all out. His two Mud Fest sets total more than twenty-seven hundred shots!! Thankfully, his marvelous set Exxxotica NJ (2010) boasts 2200+ hot shots!! His homage to the 2008 Asian Body Painting Festival fills the canvas with more than 2,400 captures. On the other hand, poor Pinkie only managed to snap a paltry 725 photos of the 2010 Coney Island Mermaid Parade

A few other Flickr sets featuring photos taken at various Exxxotica events: Miami 2007, by drpOnpO;  New York 2008, by  Anime Nut; Miami Beach 2010, by Jimi Photog (Highly recommended: his NJ/NY 2010); Exxxotica NY (NJ) 2009, by FC252 Photo; and 2010 Exxxotica L.A., by Calibre68.

A Flickr Group dedicated to Exxxotica in New York.

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