Uh, Whatever

I wonder how many people around the world are sitting at their computers right now studiously composing blog posts?

Hmm. Let’s say out of the six plus billion souls on our little blue planet one person in a thousand regularly keeps a blog…. And one in ten of those are writing now… No, make that one in twenty…

Uh, where’s my iPhone calculator…

300,000! I can almost hear all those keys clacking around the globe…

Some of those posts are good, some (probably most) bad. Some are significant and make the world a better place, some (probably most) are utterly pointless and add not one whit to planetary betterment. I wonder where I’d rank this morning in terms of “blog post significance”?

Gosh, there’s actually a free iPhone  app for that! Hmm, clunker interface, but…


Surely I can raise that…

The Egyptian revolution may prove to be much ado about nothing, or may profoundly alter the world as we know it, lifting tens of millions out of poverty, ignorance and superstition. Which outcome arrives depends entirely on the struggle between modernity and fundamentalist Islam for the “hearts and minds” of the Egyptian people. While modernity prevailed long ago in western Europe in a similar war with fundamentalist Christianity (not without some setbacks and considerable bloodshed), it is by no means certain western values, however attractive to young and well educated Egyptians, will surmount over thirteen centuries of inward looking, harsh religious dogma.

Yes! Yes! That raised my BPSR (blog post significance rank) all the way up to 9,071th!! I am of course a master of historical analysis as every regular reader of this blog knows.


Oh, wait, I misread the screen — turns out BPSR actually stands for Bloviation, Pomposity, and Stupidity Rating….


Because this is a photography blog, here is a photo of a sexy girl which wonderfully raises my GSR (gratuitous sex rank) to 47,002th… (photo by Togbear, subject to a creative commons license):

Visit Togbear’s marvelous set of wicked photos of his beautiful model Jana!

As always, to see Jana’s photos you must be a Flickr member with safe search OFF!

Flickr group: LIFE IN EGYPT

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