Stormy Weather

Original by ESPORTE CLUBE PELOTAS (cc license)


It is another Saturday, the first Saturday of Spring. It is raining. And cold. And dark. Naturally. This is typical east Tennessee Spring weather. I am sitting here in my underwear (more than you want to know?) My coffee is cold. I’m half listening to NPR (as a card carrying liberal, I’m obligated to listen at least five hours a week). Something about a hanging judge in Georgia on This American Life

My mood matches the weather. I, too, am cold and dark, with little energy to do much of anything. I did post a few photoshopped images to Flickr. Here’s one of them, with a blank blue sky replaced with the sky from a photo took a month or so ago.

Thunderous Skies is a Flickr group of photos of stormy skies

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