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Stormy Weather

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Original by ESPORTE CLUBE PELOTAS (cc license)


It is another Saturday, the first Saturday of Spring. It is raining. And cold. And dark. Naturally. This is typical east Tennessee Spring weather. I am sitting here in my underwear (more than you want to know?) My coffee is cold. I’m half listening to NPR (as a card carrying liberal, I’m obligated to listen at least five hours a week). Something about a hanging judge in Georgia on This American Life

My mood matches the weather. I, too, am cold and dark, with little energy to do much of anything. I did post a few photoshopped images to Flickr. Here’s one of them, with a blank blue sky replaced with the sky from a photo took a month or so ago.

Thunderous Skies is a Flickr group of photos of stormy skies

Been There Done That

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Thursday, Saint Patrick’s Day, I went out into the green. After spending an hour or so in the Sevier county Jail I headed south along the Dolly Parton Highway out of Sevierville, camera in hand, looking for photogenic countryside.  The weather was glorious, temperatures in the low seventies and a royal blue sky. Every tree, bush and shrub was busily spitting out glistening green leaves; everywhere  early Spring flowers were popping up, searching for early season bees. The gently rolling fields wore fresh coats of bright green. Given east Tennessee’s fickle weather, all this  precocious botanical business may well be stilled by our inevitable late March freeze.

I hadn’t travelled the highway in five or so years and the first half dozen miles were now infected by ugly suburban sprawl: McDonald’s cheek by jowl with mini-marts, tattoo parlors and strip malls. It wasn’t until I was almost twenty minutes down the two lane road that the first simple, white country churches and weathered, rusty red roofed barns began to sprout along both sides of  the highway.

Finally free of the tentacles of Sevierville, I stumbled upon a scene I had last photographed “back in the day”. In late March of of 2006 I took this photo with my Panasonic DMC FZ5:

I thought I’d taken more photos of the scene, but apparently not; only two appear in my photostream. This trip, however,  I was much more impressed with the locale. Here’s a shot I took with my relatively new Nikon D5000:

After so many years of driving through east Tennessee with a camera, one of the joys for me is re-discovering a forgotten location. The little bit of faintly familiar Sevier county depicted above gave me about an hour of bliss as I slowly snapped my way along a narrow, curling country road stretching from the highway east to the base of the mountain visible in the above photo. Here’s the set of all the photos I posted from my St. Paddy’s day jaunt.

Mid Week Treat

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No political rants – no pitiful attempts at humor – just this lovely young English woman photographed by Paul Cox and published here thanks to a creative commons license.

Check out Paul’s sexy sets Emma & Water Glamour

Dry as Dirt

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Five Photographers Lost in the Desert

When I think of Death Valley I imagine a rather unpleasant and dangerous place. Gakout’s photographs could well change my mind. His dessert photos are achingly beautiful.

Saudi Arabia has  black, expensive oil and piles and piles and piles of yellowish and worthless sand. Tariq-M’s photos of that sand are drop dead, mouth watering gorgeous.

Down Under photographer Garry captures the glorious beauty of sand dunes wonderfully.

Sadly, the carnage in Libya is much in the news.  Lorytravelforever captured the peace and  dry minimalism of the nation’s vast desert territory in her vivid photographs.

Different Faces of Desert, a set of delicious photos by Lucie’s Photography, is filled with images which are  starkly compelling.

Thanks to .EVO., and subject to a creative commons license, here’s a  lovely image of rippled desert sand…

Dressed for Success

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Don’t get me wrong, I love photographs of nude women as well as the next guy (and the shots can even be in black and white). On the other hand, sometimes a bit of clothing adds to a woman’s allure. To see what I mean, visit the fine photostream of Nelli N., a gorgeous German model. Her Flickr photos of herself and other women, all taken by others, are sexy and most of the models are at least partially dressed. Here’s the photo from her ‘stream that caught my eyes… Here’s a black and white photo of Nelli herself and a whole set of her modeling from MSA Photography.

Ardias, a Tar Heel photographer, makes the same point in his photostream. He doesn’t do nudes. Much of his stream is saucy photographs of beauty pageant contestants in skimpy bikinis. His model Iryna is a luscious beauty who knows the right kind and amount of clothing can heighten her sex appeal.

Here, courtesy of Robert Bejil, modfied by me,  and subject to a creative commons license, is a sizzling brunette who I’d love to undress