Triple Play



Three kinky Flckr photographers I found this morning.

The Bigger the Better

Christopher Keene likes girls. He particularly likes well endowed girls. He has over sixteen hundred delicious photos of gorgeous, and often very well endowed, young women. Here’s his set aptly named Huge Boobs. If you prefer you women with tits smaller than over inflated beach balls Keene’s Super Hot Girls! might be more to your taste.

Sweater Weather

Like your sweeties in sweaters? Check out SweaterMad and you’ll never look at a cardigan the same way again. This cardigan clad girl will certain warm your wool; and so will this one! Looking for something a little larger in a sweater? Even larger!? Here’s a sweater girl to cheer about. Don’t bother this lady, she’s tied up at the moment…

Sweet Neat Feet

If you set your sights quite a bit lower (about as low as you can go with a woman), Pjsmith’s photostream might pound your pavement.   This beauty’s down and dirty and may just stir your soul.  Watch out for this babe or she’ll walk all over you. This lady’s head over heels in love with someone. Finally, these blondes may tickle your fancy.

She’s got no sweater, but I think she’s still hot!

Original by Augenfutter, remixed by me, courtesy of a creative commons license.

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