Driving Like Lazy

As a photographer I am amazingly lazy. Not for me the ten mile trek up a mountain to catch the mid Winter sun rising over a spectacular snow capped mountain. To br honest, I rarely get out of my car. Most days I just drive aimlessly through the county and snap anything that looks vaguely interesting. I know, pretty awful. At least I have the decency to feel guilty about it…

But driving here and there does, sometimes, have its reward. Take the photo below of an incredible mailbox. How many people can boast they receive their mail in the maw of a great white shark?

A nasty storm roared through the county early Friday morning. The sky was still full of ragged clouds when I escaped the courthouse abput 9:30 AM. Deciding the pile of work on my desk could wait for an hour or so, I stopped at home, grabbed my camera and hit the road. I never got more than ten or so miles from the house. I snapped away like crazy (all from the car, of course). Here’s one of the better photos.

Finally, just to prove my camera can take color photographs, I humbly post for your viewing pleasure this photo of a tranquil rural landscape beneath a dark and brooding sky. I Took this photo  from the middle of an often busy road after jamming on my brakes and coming to a complete stop. Fortunately no one plowed in the back of my car.

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