Umbrella Man

This afternoon I posted to a Flickr landscape group a rather ordinary landscape I’d taken with my now retired Nikon D50 back in December. As I was commenting on some of the better shots in the pool, I ran across one by my favorite Flickr photographer, Patrick Smith. His work will let you see a whole new, and breathtakingly beautiful, world. His unique landscapes are past perfection (many faved more than a thousand times!). What little I know about landscape composition I learned from Smith. His photostream is a true master class in photography.

As I viewed some of Smith’s more recent photos, I ran across this shot of an intrepid photographer braving the crashing waves on the California shore armed only with an umbrella. Naturally, this led me to the Flickr site of this brave, if percular, photographer, Jared Atencio. His ‘stream, like Smith’s, is first rate, filled with one jaw dropping landscape after another. Strangely, Atencio has no sets for me to link to for you. So here’s another of his great landscapes, and another, and another

Atencio’s photos are, as I said, great. His lengthy, well written, short commentaries on those photos are equally excellent. Each is wonderfully funny, unpretentious, and informative. The explanation of why he was carrying that odd umbrella in the Smith photo is here.  This pithy tale of a day gone wrong rings so true (except I never, ever end up with a shot like his…)

One of my better landscapes…

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