Finding A Few Fiendishly Fine Flickr Photographers…

There are thousands of very good photographers on Flickr. The problem is finding them among the millions of us ordinary shutter snappers. This morning I found an extraordinary photographer quite by luck. I logged onto my Flickr Home page. For some reason, Flickr put two or three names up as people I might know (I knew none of them).  On a whim I clicked on the top name in the list and was taken to a marvelous photostream.

Licht~~~~’s work is skillful and beautiful (with an quirky sense of humor). Here’s one of his finer photographs. His roses and macros are worth viewing, too.

If you are determined to find some of the brightest stars in the Flickr galaxy a fine place to start looking is in a group like 100+ Faves 1-2-3. My 10,000+ photostream has exactly two photos with more than one hundred faves (here and here). Pretty pathetic... I’ve picked three photographers from the 100+ group who are all great:

Think you’ve got to have a snooty DSLR to take really good photographs? Check out Ben’s photostream to see why you wasted you money on that Nikon D3x. This gorgeous landscape with over 500 faves was shot with an Olympus point and shoot. This set of photos taken in Laos is chock full of wonderful shots.

Just about any of us pedestrian fotogs can snap a pretty fine photo of snow capped mountains or brilliant sunsets. Antonio Ramos, can capture a marvelous image of a spoon and a bowl of seafood soup.  His single set amply reveals his fine eye for the beauty in ordinary things.

Finally, Londoner Miss Angela combine lovely nudes with an offbeat style and subtle  visual social commentary. This wry fashion shot is delicious. Each of the forty images in this set has been faved at least 600 times…

BONUS! Acampm1, one of my forgotten contacts, is a delight. Enjoy this set of his most faved (here’s a true masterpiece).

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