I’ve Got Mesker!!

Every day or so I get a Flickr comment asking my to submit one of my photos to one group or another. Natural Redheads, Antique Ford Trucks, or Beautiful Roses. Sometimes the invite is from a foreign site with inexplicable text (I’m too lazy to fire up Google Translate).

Usually I’ll add my shot to the requesting group, whatever it is, unless 0f course they want me to take time to view, comment on or fave some of the groups other lame photos. But, honestly,  most of the time I don’t pay that much attention to what the group inviting me in is all about. More groups means more hits and comments! Maybe even more faves!

Tonight, when I fired up Flickr, I discovered three rather ordinary photos I had taken years ago of the old downtown of West Milton, Ohio, had just been faved and invited to a group called  Mesker by a guy named Got Mesker? I knew there were some pretty obscure groups on Flickr, I’ve linked to some of the funnier ones here. But Mesker!? What the hell is that? I had utterly no idea…

Here’s how the group administrator describes his creation:

The group’s goal is to promote the historic significance of ornamental sheet-metal and cast iron products manufactured by the Mesker companies of St. Louis, MO, and Evansville, IN. Between them they sold thousands of sheet-metal fronts, cornices, columns, and other facade components, which can be found in every state.

Here’s the Mesker group…

This fine young woman would be a wonderful ornament for any building…

Original by Augenfutter , modified by me, subject to a creative commons license.

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