Ken Burns, Please Forgive Me!

As a member of  the Liberal Elite I am of course required to watch every Ken Burns  documentary (but only on PBS). I knew that, naturally, having received instructions from the LE  headquarters on the west side of Manhattan. What I didn’t realize was the consequences of missing just one of the series.

I missedd Baseball. At the time I didn’t think much about it.  I’d watched the Civil War (parts of it twice) and (most of) Jazz. I thought I was in good standing. I could flash a condescending smile whenever someone didn’t even know who Ken Burns was and pontificate endlessly on his virtues as a film maker.

But no. I was placed on probation for three months by LEH. I was sent to Berekely for re-education. I spent a grueling six weeks watching Olbermann and Maddow reruns followed by reading  every Daily Kos post from the last five years. But I am so very glad I was corrected. Thank you dear George Soros!! As my prize for completing the program I got an autographed photo of Arianna!

So now I’m watching what must the third or fourth rerun of Baseball (half of the Talking Heads are long dead…) Last night I caught the Fifth Inning covering the Roaring Twenties. I actually had a connection with that decade. My first wife’s grandfather, Dixie Walker, played major league ball back then. I don’t recall for whom. Oddly, there were other “Dixie Walkers” in the league about the same time he played.

Now, for the real reason for this post.. The Library of Congress site on Flickr boasts many wonderful old photos taken in the Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries. Here’s its set of  photos of ball players from the dead ball era of baseball. The photo below is of Johnny Evers, part of the famous double play combination (“Tinkers, to Evers, to Chance”) of the Chicago Cubs in the first decade of the 1900’s. As I learned from Baseball, they weren’t really all that special as an infield and Evers and Tinker despised each other.

I’ve colorized the photo and otherwise altered it in Photoshop

Johnny Evers

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