Surfer Girl

I was browsing my contacts photos and found a stunning photograph taken in La Jolla, California, by one of my favorite Flickr posters, Patrick Smith. When my family moved from Tennessee to California in 1960 we stayed in La Jolla for a few summer months before we moved a few miles up the coast to Del Mar.

A two set collection of photos of La Jolla by San Diego Shooter.

Naturally, Smith’s photo brought back memories of those months when I was edged onto the sharp precipice of adolescence. I almost drowned in the surf one memorable day. I also spent days on the beach admiring the lithe surfers mastering the middle sized waves sweeping toward the California shore. Once we moved up the coast I was able to badger my parents into letting me buy an old balsa wood board and I began slowly mastering the sport.

A bit later, after taking a tour of Smith’s remarkable photostream, I checked my stats and found my photo of poolside bikini clad coeds had been linked to from this image. Searching the tag “surfer girl” led me this marvelously sizzling photo by El Enigma (courtesy of a creative commons license):

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