I’ve been on Flickr for five and a half years. I have ten thousand plus photos on the site. Some of them are even worth looking at. Most of my images on Flickr are not saved anywhere else. Stupid? Maybe, but I don’t really see many of those ten thousand photos as immortal works of art which must be preserved for the ages.

I have a paranoid fear that one day I’ll log onto Flickr and see a stark message reading, “Flickr will shut down in three days.” Let’s see. suppose it would take just  one minute to select and download the largest size of each of my images….. Hmm. Ten thousand minutes… Hmm. Divided by sixty… Hmm. Divided by 24…  My God! It would take me almost eight straight days of nonstop downloading  (no time to sleep, or eat, or shit) to save all of my photographs!!

So, you can imagine how anxious I got when I read this article in the News York Times. Money quote:

Speculation in technology circles that Yahoo might close or sell Flickr, its photo-sharing service, prompted an emphatic denial this month… The confusion over Flickr’s future was perhaps understandable. Yahoo had just recently disclosed plans to shut down or otherwise dispose of several other Web products, including the bookmarking service Delicious, and some users feared Flickr would be next.

Of course Yahoo denied it would ever, ever, ever close Flickr. Still, I began to feel a chill run down my spine.

Here’s a Girl who would definitely keep me from letting Flickr’s possible demise cause me to consider Suicide:

Original by Suicide Girls, modified by me, subject to a creative commons license

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