D5000 Erotica

I remain smitten with my Nikon D5000. I take it to bed with me every night. I make it breakfast every morning. I even, from time to time, use it to take photos…

When I’m not eating and sleeping with my Nikon, or photographing with it, I spend time perusing Flickr to view photos by my fellow owners of Nikon’s little baby. Being me, of course, I have gone out of my way to find erotic D5000 photos. Here are links to a few of the better ones:

Claudia Pure Nude Body Paint Stripteasers –  Tree SpiritNeon 4GirouetteTranny Concubines Spread eagleAnita Virag

On a tamer note, here are links to a few Flickr D5000 groups:

D5000 BrasilNikon d5000 DSLRNikon D5000 Indian UsersD5000 NikonNikon D5000

This colorful girl, taken with one of my other cameras – the Nikon D40 – is the kind of gal I could see eye to eye with!

Original by Zawezome, modified by me, subject to creative commons license


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