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Triple Play

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Three kinky Flckr photographers I found this morning.

The Bigger the Better

Christopher Keene likes girls. He particularly likes well endowed girls. He has over sixteen hundred delicious photos of gorgeous, and often very well endowed, young women. Here’s his set aptly named Huge Boobs. If you prefer you women with tits smaller than over inflated beach balls Keene’s Super Hot Girls! might be more to your taste.

Sweater Weather

Like your sweeties in sweaters? Check out SweaterMad and you’ll never look at a cardigan the same way again. This cardigan clad girl will certain warm your wool; and so will this one! Looking for something a little larger in a sweater? Even larger!? Here’s a sweater girl to cheer about. Don’t bother this lady, she’s tied up at the moment…

Sweet Neat Feet

If you set your sights quite a bit lower (about as low as you can go with a woman), Pjsmith’s photostream might pound your pavement.   This beauty’s down and dirty and may just stir your soul.  Watch out for this babe or she’ll walk all over you. This lady’s head over heels in love with someone. Finally, these blondes may tickle your fancy.

She’s got no sweater, but I think she’s still hot!

Original by Augenfutter, remixed by me, courtesy of a creative commons license.

Eleven Lustful Links!

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Sure, I could just rip off another Flickr CC nude and paste it here under a short bit of pretentious drivel. I could, but I won’t. You deserve better than that. Here are a handful of links to a handful of hot photos of, you guessed it, hot babes...




Golden Girl

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Usually I like to steal a creative commons Flickr sexy nude and ruin it by altering it to my own twisted tastes with Photoshop. This luscious woman is a fair example. Of course, posting erotica on Visions is really just a desperate, and rather pathetic, effort to gin up my hit count. After all, who would have ever read Playboy if not for the nudie photos?

This morning, however, I’m going to play it straight and post an image I haven’t messed with at all. It’s that good and is a fine combination of a hot babe and elegant Photoshop like effects. The image was created by Marc Geilenkirchen and is displayed here courtesy of a creative commons license (although it may well be a remix of a photo he did not have a right to alter…)

Driving Like Lazy

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As a photographer I am amazingly lazy. Not for me the ten mile trek up a mountain to catch the mid Winter sun rising over a spectacular snow capped mountain. To br honest, I rarely get out of my car. Most days I just drive aimlessly through the county and snap anything that looks vaguely interesting. I know, pretty awful. At least I have the decency to feel guilty about it…

But driving here and there does, sometimes, have its reward. Take the photo below of an incredible mailbox. How many people can boast they receive their mail in the maw of a great white shark?

A nasty storm roared through the county early Friday morning. The sky was still full of ragged clouds when I escaped the courthouse abput 9:30 AM. Deciding the pile of work on my desk could wait for an hour or so, I stopped at home, grabbed my camera and hit the road. I never got more than ten or so miles from the house. I snapped away like crazy (all from the car, of course). Here’s one of the better photos.

Finally, just to prove my camera can take color photographs, I humbly post for your viewing pleasure this photo of a tranquil rural landscape beneath a dark and brooding sky. I Took this photo  from the middle of an often busy road after jamming on my brakes and coming to a complete stop. Fortunately no one plowed in the back of my car.

A Jolly Good Fellowes

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What would Visions do without creative commons Flickr erotica!? Why, we’d have to come up with some other way to lure eyeballs to this site. Some way requiring much harder work than just copying and pasting someone else’s photos…

Daniel Fellowes is kind enough to post most of his images with an attribution, no derivatives, non-commercial creative commons license. Bless him. And bless Amie Dodgson, too, for posing for him…

Umbrella Man

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This afternoon I posted to a Flickr landscape group a rather ordinary landscape I’d taken with my now retired Nikon D50 back in December. As I was commenting on some of the better shots in the pool, I ran across one by my favorite Flickr photographer, Patrick Smith. His work will let you see a whole new, and breathtakingly beautiful, world. His unique landscapes are past perfection (many faved more than a thousand times!). What little I know about landscape composition I learned from Smith. His photostream is a true master class in photography.

As I viewed some of Smith’s more recent photos, I ran across this shot of an intrepid photographer braving the crashing waves on the California shore armed only with an umbrella. Naturally, this led me to the Flickr site of this brave, if percular, photographer, Jared Atencio. His ‘stream, like Smith’s, is first rate, filled with one jaw dropping landscape after another. Strangely, Atencio has no sets for me to link to for you. So here’s another of his great landscapes, and another, and another

Atencio’s photos are, as I said, great. His lengthy, well written, short commentaries on those photos are equally excellent. Each is wonderfully funny, unpretentious, and informative. The explanation of why he was carrying that odd umbrella in the Smith photo is here.  This pithy tale of a day gone wrong rings so true (except I never, ever end up with a shot like his…)

One of my better landscapes…

Stolen Girl

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I like Photoshop. I like girls.

I especially like ripping off someone else’s girl and making her my own…

Original by Chris Willis (tibchris), subject to a creative commons license. Click image to see original