Who is This Woman!???

Most of the time when you find a remarkably good photo on Flickr it is properly awarded with hundreds of views and lots of faves. Sometimes, to you amazement, an excellent image seems neglected, with scant views and faves. Then there is that final catergory: photos lacking in any beneficial qualities which, inexplicably, has tons of hits or an astonishingly high number of faves.

This last category is surprisingly common on Flickr.  I once commented here on a dark, poorly composed photo of an obscure subject but which had hundreds of hits and around a hundred faves. The photo’s poster, somehow, found my note and fired off an indignant comment fiercely defending his shot (and naturally attacking my images…)

Of course, there are certain subjects which always generate lots and lots of hits regardless of the quality of the photo. Any capture of a nude or semi-nude hot looking woman will draw hundreds or thousands of  views. Oddly, however, even very well done studio shots of gorgeous, sexy women don’t normally draw all that many faves. Most viewers of these photos are just stopping by to ogle the succulent flesh and aren’t interested in commenting or faving.

I’ve been running across what I can only call mostly poorly done photos of a rather plump woman with a very ordinary face on Flickr for some time now. Marie Sexy Legs posts her photos to almost every group I visit. This  blurry, cluttered and ordinary snapshop is posted to over 29  groups. Unbelievably, its been viewed 3,500 times and been faved thirty-two times! This photo, which was the first Marie image I stumbled on, posted in forty some groups, has likewise been viewed just shot of 3,500 times and boasts thirty faves. This shot is, admittedly, in focus, well lit and has some semblance of composition. Still, it isn’t compelling and starkly reveals Marie’s figure as less than Greek.

What am I missing? Marie, bless her heart, is not all that cute or sexy. Her photos are hardly masterpieces of photographic composition, originality or skill. So, please someone tell me, why do they seem to be so popular!???

(After a bit of  Flickr checking...) I’ve discovered Marie is not unique in the popularity of her poorly shot photos and lack of attractiveness. Check out this amazing image of Darkest View:

3,100 hits & 28 faves!

Of course, it may be that the real reason Marie’s photos, and other like them, are so popular is simply because these women, however unappealing they may otherwise be, have great big tits.

Here’s a big breasted gal, thanks to Manu2560, subject to a creative commons license, and remixed by me, that will make your mouth water!


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