Nikons! Nikons! Everywhere!!

I’m a Nikon guy. Of course. What other brand of dSlR would I ever use!? What? A Canon!?? You’ve got to be kidding…

By next weekend I will be able to say (god willing) that I have owned three Nikons: the D50, D40 and now the D5000. Three fine cameras, of course, each nearly perfect in its own way. Each as lovely and refined as the next. Ahhh! I am so blessed.

But there is one thing, one wee winged insect in the medicinal  goo: I don’t really understand Nikon’s camera nomenclature. The numbers to the various cameras make no sense. Take my recent purchase, the D5000. “Five Thousand” sounds impressive, especially compared to my venerable D50. I mean, five thousand is one hundred times fifty! But five thousand is 1,667 times  three, but the Nikon D3 is about twelve times more costly than the modest D5000. Indeed, the D3 (and D3x) are the top of the Nikon line.

The D40 replaced the D50 as Nikon’s entry level dSlR. Then the D40 was replaced with the D60, which was better than the D70 which had come several years before. The D80, in a bit of rationality, was followed by the D90. The D90 was throughly trumped by the D700. The D7000, Nikon’s latest dSLR entry may or not be better than the D700, but is better than the D90, the D300 and it’s elderly older sister, the D200. Wouldn’t you think you might named your best camera “One”? But the Nikon D1 is hopelessly out of date.

For the record, there have been 24 Nikon digital SLR cameras produced since 1999. Dropping various letters appearing after the number, here the numbers (in ascending order):

D1 (3 variants), D2 (2), D3 (3), D40 (2), D50, D60, D70 (2), D80, D90, D100, D200, D300 (2), D700, D3000, D3100, D5000, D7000.

Of course, here’s the fun part – the lowly Nikon 3000 (10 megapixels), which sells for about six hundred dollars, is ten times better at producing digital photos than the D1, a 2.7 megapixel monster, was in 1999 when it cost $5,600, or the D100 (6 megapixels) introduced in early 2002 and priced around $2,000 (body only). When I got my D50 I lusted after the D200. Now that camera, in terms of photo quality, lags behind the  D5000 and its much more advanced sensor and imaging technology.

And, of course, ten years from now the Nikon D92000X costing $600 will make the D3x seem like a Kodak Brownie.

UPDATE: A new Nikon, the full sized sensor D800, will debut soon…

Whichever Nikon I had, I’d use it to snap as many photos as possible of this glorious blonde!

Original by R0cks7ar, modified by me, courtesy of a creative commons license

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