1,000,000 + 500,000 + 5000

One day last week my total Flickr view count passed one million. Howdy Doody Dandy! Impressive, huh? Not really. I’ve been on Flickr five and a half years, or about 2000 days. Divide hits by days and you come up with a rather modest five hundred hits per diem. Being more precise, that’s just short of twenty-one hits per hour (and 0.35 per minute or .0058333 per second!)

Of course, if I really wanted to goose my hit count, I’d rip off a bunch of copyrighted nudie shots from the web and post them to my Flickr page. Wow! I’d get to two million sooo quick. Sadly, I have nary a nude in my 10,000 plus photos. Flesh sure sells on Flickr, this is my most viewed photo, two girls in Bikinis by the pool. It’s been viewed a mere 32,500 times. This shot of guys in speedos is second with 17,900. My next most popular image trails badly with just 8,700 views. Of course, as I recently discovered, for some reason photos of girls in braces are also popular…

Since June of 2006 my camera has been a Nikon D50. The rugged old thing has a shutter count of about, and this is a rough guess, 500,000 or more. Some of my D50’s plastic body has peeled away or fallen off and the rest is more than a little dirty, but it keeps on taking photographs just as well as it ever did. A year plus ago I picked up a used Nikon D40 as a backup. I haven’t used it much except when I want to be able to shoot with two different lenses at the same time.

But yesterday I ordered from Adorama, a New York camera and electronics store, a refurbished Nikon D5000. I purchased  the camera after finally realizing no one was going to give me a D3x. I won’t bore you with any technical detail on the D5000 (but Ken Rockwell will…); suffice it to say it is head and shoulders better than my dear old D50 in almost every way. Except for one thing. The D50 has a focusing motor in its body. The D5000 does not. That’s not a problem with all but one of my lenses, but my 50mm f/1.8 will not auto focus on the D5000.

The D40 has the same problem. Today, to see how much of a hassle it will be to manually focus the 50mm on my new camera, I slapped it on the D40 and spent half an hour or so photographing another bunch of roses my secretary bought for me to give to my wife. The good news: in reasonable light I could focus the lens without too much trouble. The bad news: in low light focusing was much more difficult and, of course, roses can’t dance so I couldn’t tell how hard it would be to focus on a moving object. Still, I use the 50mm mostly for portrait work and on the harder stuff I can always practice, practice, practice…


UPDATE: My 70-300mm lens also won’t focus on the D5000.

Finally, here’s a girl I could easily focus on even in really bad light…

Original by NineElevenSG, modified by me, courtesy of a creative commons license.


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