Back to the Good Stuff…

Expectations are tough. This is the first Visions post of the year. It ought to be insightful, witty, original. It ought to set a high standard for what will come this year. It ought to just flat blow you away. I’ve spent the past week pondering just how I should start the new year on Visions

But, you know, uh, I just couldn’t come up with anything, like, worth writing about and such. Then I had a bright idea: I would just post two creative common nudes from Flickr! Yes! How much more insightful, witty and original can you get than two, count ’em, two naked ladies!!??

Here, by David & Emma and Luigi Mora respectively, remixed by me, are the first two naked ladies to grace this tawdry blog in the new year. Each photo is subject to a creative commons license.

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