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Who is This Woman!???

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Most of the time when you find a remarkably good photo on Flickr it is properly awarded with hundreds of views and lots of faves. Sometimes, to you amazement, an excellent image seems neglected, with scant views and faves. Then there is that final catergory: photos lacking in any beneficial qualities which, inexplicably, has tons of hits or an astonishingly high number of faves.

This last category is surprisingly common on Flickr.  I once commented here on a dark, poorly composed photo of an obscure subject but which had hundreds of hits and around a hundred faves. The photo’s poster, somehow, found my note and fired off an indignant comment fiercely defending his shot (and naturally attacking my images…)

Of course, there are certain subjects which always generate lots and lots of hits regardless of the quality of the photo. Any capture of a nude or semi-nude hot looking woman will draw hundreds or thousands of  views. Oddly, however, even very well done studio shots of gorgeous, sexy women don’t normally draw all that many faves. Most viewers of these photos are just stopping by to ogle the succulent flesh and aren’t interested in commenting or faving.

I’ve been running across what I can only call mostly poorly done photos of a rather plump woman with a very ordinary face on Flickr for some time now. Marie Sexy Legs posts her photos to almost every group I visit. This  blurry, cluttered and ordinary snapshop is posted to over 29  groups. Unbelievably, its been viewed 3,500 times and been faved thirty-two times! This photo, which was the first Marie image I stumbled on, posted in forty some groups, has likewise been viewed just shot of 3,500 times and boasts thirty faves. This shot is, admittedly, in focus, well lit and has some semblance of composition. Still, it isn’t compelling and starkly reveals Marie’s figure as less than Greek.

What am I missing? Marie, bless her heart, is not all that cute or sexy. Her photos are hardly masterpieces of photographic composition, originality or skill. So, please someone tell me, why do they seem to be so popular!???

(After a bit of  Flickr checking...) I’ve discovered Marie is not unique in the popularity of her poorly shot photos and lack of attractiveness. Check out this amazing image of Darkest View:

3,100 hits & 28 faves!

Of course, it may be that the real reason Marie’s photos, and other like them, are so popular is simply because these women, however unappealing they may otherwise be, have great big tits.

Here’s a big breasted gal, thanks to Manu2560, subject to a creative commons license, and remixed by me, that will make your mouth water!


Dawn of a New Era in Photography

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The world is made anew. My D5000 arrived yesterday.

Cat in Twelve Megapixels

Nikons! Nikons! Everywhere!!

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I’m a Nikon guy. Of course. What other brand of dSlR would I ever use!? What? A Canon!?? You’ve got to be kidding…

By next weekend I will be able to say (god willing) that I have owned three Nikons: the D50, D40 and now the D5000. Three fine cameras, of course, each nearly perfect in its own way. Each as lovely and refined as the next. Ahhh! I am so blessed.

But there is one thing, one wee winged insect in the medicinal  goo: I don’t really understand Nikon’s camera nomenclature. The numbers to the various cameras make no sense. Take my recent purchase, the D5000. “Five Thousand” sounds impressive, especially compared to my venerable D50. I mean, five thousand is one hundred times fifty! But five thousand is 1,667 times  three, but the Nikon D3 is about twelve times more costly than the modest D5000. Indeed, the D3 (and D3x) are the top of the Nikon line.

The D40 replaced the D50 as Nikon’s entry level dSlR. Then the D40 was replaced with the D60, which was better than the D70 which had come several years before. The D80, in a bit of rationality, was followed by the D90. The D90 was throughly trumped by the D700. The D7000, Nikon’s latest dSLR entry may or not be better than the D700, but is better than the D90, the D300 and it’s elderly older sister, the D200. Wouldn’t you think you might named your best camera “One”? But the Nikon D1 is hopelessly out of date.

For the record, there have been 24 Nikon digital SLR cameras produced since 1999. Dropping various letters appearing after the number, here the numbers (in ascending order):

D1 (3 variants), D2 (2), D3 (3), D40 (2), D50, D60, D70 (2), D80, D90, D100, D200, D300 (2), D700, D3000, D3100, D5000, D7000.

Of course, here’s the fun part – the lowly Nikon 3000 (10 megapixels), which sells for about six hundred dollars, is ten times better at producing digital photos than the D1, a 2.7 megapixel monster, was in 1999 when it cost $5,600, or the D100 (6 megapixels) introduced in early 2002 and priced around $2,000 (body only). When I got my D50 I lusted after the D200. Now that camera, in terms of photo quality, lags behind the  D5000 and its much more advanced sensor and imaging technology.

And, of course, ten years from now the Nikon D92000X costing $600 will make the D3x seem like a Kodak Brownie.

UPDATE: A new Nikon, the full sized sensor D800, will debut soon…

Whichever Nikon I had, I’d use it to snap as many photos as possible of this glorious blonde!

Original by R0cks7ar, modified by me, courtesy of a creative commons license

1,000,000 + 500,000 + 5000

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One day last week my total Flickr view count passed one million. Howdy Doody Dandy! Impressive, huh? Not really. I’ve been on Flickr five and a half years, or about 2000 days. Divide hits by days and you come up with a rather modest five hundred hits per diem. Being more precise, that’s just short of twenty-one hits per hour (and 0.35 per minute or .0058333 per second!)

Of course, if I really wanted to goose my hit count, I’d rip off a bunch of copyrighted nudie shots from the web and post them to my Flickr page. Wow! I’d get to two million sooo quick. Sadly, I have nary a nude in my 10,000 plus photos. Flesh sure sells on Flickr, this is my most viewed photo, two girls in Bikinis by the pool. It’s been viewed a mere 32,500 times. This shot of guys in speedos is second with 17,900. My next most popular image trails badly with just 8,700 views. Of course, as I recently discovered, for some reason photos of girls in braces are also popular…

Since June of 2006 my camera has been a Nikon D50. The rugged old thing has a shutter count of about, and this is a rough guess, 500,000 or more. Some of my D50’s plastic body has peeled away or fallen off and the rest is more than a little dirty, but it keeps on taking photographs just as well as it ever did. A year plus ago I picked up a used Nikon D40 as a backup. I haven’t used it much except when I want to be able to shoot with two different lenses at the same time.

But yesterday I ordered from Adorama, a New York camera and electronics store, a refurbished Nikon D5000. I purchased  the camera after finally realizing no one was going to give me a D3x. I won’t bore you with any technical detail on the D5000 (but Ken Rockwell will…); suffice it to say it is head and shoulders better than my dear old D50 in almost every way. Except for one thing. The D50 has a focusing motor in its body. The D5000 does not. That’s not a problem with all but one of my lenses, but my 50mm f/1.8 will not auto focus on the D5000.

The D40 has the same problem. Today, to see how much of a hassle it will be to manually focus the 50mm on my new camera, I slapped it on the D40 and spent half an hour or so photographing another bunch of roses my secretary bought for me to give to my wife. The good news: in reasonable light I could focus the lens without too much trouble. The bad news: in low light focusing was much more difficult and, of course, roses can’t dance so I couldn’t tell how hard it would be to focus on a moving object. Still, I use the 50mm mostly for portrait work and on the harder stuff I can always practice, practice, practice…


UPDATE: My 70-300mm lens also won’t focus on the D5000.

Finally, here’s a girl I could easily focus on even in really bad light…

Original by NineElevenSG, modified by me, courtesy of a creative commons license.


Hey, Kid… Wanna See Some Dirty Pictures!??

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A handful of Flicker photographers I like

Gotta belong to Flickr with safe search off

Like kinky redheads? Then Mina Model’s stream will be a treat

Sol Lang photos are sensual  in the classic pinup style

Umbra’s women are well lit, well posed and beautiful

Toronto Model Images’ photos are as lovely as this model (and this one, too)

Rolleiman1 likes naked ballerinas

Doug Swinson’s camera loves pretty women. Here’s proof

Enjoy his photo by Jan Bassett, remixed my me

Creative Commons License

Another Snowy Day

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Another snow. Another day off…

Those of us who grew up in east Tennessee developed a love/hate relationship with snow. Snow did not grace us with her white blanket often but when she did it meant a day off school spent sledding. Often, however, the weather pundits would predict a significant snow storm only to have the next morning reveal snow had forsaken us and left us with only a cold drizzle, brown grass and undone homework.

Snow – the Main Subject, one of dozens of Flickr groups dedicated to snow, has over 100,000 photos!


Finally, here’s a girl hot enough to melt even the deepest snow!

Original by Sandra Gail , remixed by me, thanks to a creative commons license

I Am Woman! Hear Me Grunt!

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Like your women strong? Really strong? Fantasize your special lady could lift you over her head? With one hand?? Dream of a girl who could casually crush your head like an egg shell with her thighs??? I bet you even want her to kick sand in your face at the beach… If so, then Amproshoot’s photostream will give you wet dreams.

And, if you like your porno girls on steroids, check out the Flickr group Erotic Muscled Goddesses.

Here’s a gal who will not only float your boat, but lift it, too.

Original image by Roonb, remixed by me, creative commons license.