When I was a kid I was fascinated with all the End of the Year Review TV programs. Didn’t matter what the subject was – sports, news, music, whatever – I watched every one of those programs I could.

Now, not so much. This December every web site has a Top Ten list for the year. Best tech. Worst tech. Worst Movies. Best Movies.  Best scandals. Weirdest quotes. Biggest Gaffes… In each case the writer gets to cut and paste ten posts from earlier in the year. Oh, and it helps if you can simply key your post to a lame slideshow to make it seem longer (or at least make it longer to read).

2010 was the year Visions discovered creative commons smut and the year we got banned by WordPress. 2010 was the year we died, and the year we were reborn. 2010 has also been the year I’ve learned I’ll write here even if next to no one is reading…

But, then, there are always the pretty, sexy photos. Like this one

Original image by Fernando Martines, (cc) remixed by me


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