Close up from an old Popular Photography cover showing kodachrome image, by Nesster (cc)


1935 – 2010

Here’s an account of the now extinct film and the last Kodachrome rolls processed

In my first, and unsuccessful,  flirtation with serious photography I bought an off-brand SLR in the mid seventies. In 1978 my first wife and I spent nearly a month in Britain. We each had our own SLR by then and we took half a suitcase full of Kodachrome with us. We ended up with hundreds and hundreds of slides of  England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and a tiny sliver of France. Once we were safely home and had the film developed, it was galling to discover my wife had a better eye than I did. Her decent shots outnumbered mine by more than two to one. On the other hand, I  had many more photos of blurry trees taken through train windows than she did. When we got divorced several years later I relinquished our slide projector and the three carousels of slides of the trip to her without a fight.

Vintage Kodachrome is a Flickr group of images from Kocachrome slides taken several decades ago.

The Atlantic offers a tribute to Kodachrome with a gallery of vintage photos.

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