Why Her!??

I admit I’m partial to this photograph. While it has the look of a well lit, formal portrait of a teenage girl, it was actually shot on the fly with a long lens (85mm) on an overcast Saturday morning just prior to the start of the Maryville Christmas Parade. Of course, like the majority of my shots, and virtually all of my portraits, a fair amount of photoshop processing went into the final result.

Here’s the strange part and the reason I’m writing this post: the photo has been viewed over 450 times on Flickr since it was posted just over two and a half days ago. More than half of the hits have come from “unknown sources”. Of all the images posted from shots I took of the Maryville Christmas parade, it is by far the most popular, even just counting hits originating from Flickr. The second most popular image has a mere 177 hits.

So, I’m left wondering, why is this image so popular?

I have no idea…

Update: As of Christmas Eve at 5:45 PM the photo’s hit count has passed 560. One clue I found from looking closely at the Flickr referrals: part of the popularity of the image may be because she’s wearing braces...!

Update 2: As of 12/26/10 at noon, the hit count has topped 600. Here’s the most popular photo tagged both braces and girl a quick search produced.

Update3: As of this evening – 12/27 – the count has passed 670… Braces still appear to be the major reason for so many hits.

Update4: 12/31/10 – 735. It’s definitely the braces. Think how many hits a live nude girl with braces would get!

Update5: 1/8/11 – 808

Update6:  2/26/12 Р1558

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