It’s Lonely Out Here…

Writing and tending a smutty Flickr blog is lonely work.  It’s almost like being a lighthouse keeper (but without the fog horn). I keep waiting for my formal invitation to the National Smutty Blog Writer’s Association (NSBWA) convention. It never comes; I can’t even begin to tell you what I’ve wasted on tuxedo rentals these past three years…  I have dreams of my lowly blog being praised by my fellow Smutty Blog Writers and winning a Smutty Award, but those dreams have never come true and my mantle remains empty. Sigh…

But there are little bits of light in the grim darkness of smuttiness. I receive anywhere from two or three to half a dozen referrals from other web sites each day. Sometimes I can find no clue why a site is listed as a referrer. Other times my blog has appeared as a purely random listing on the referrer (here at 9:43 AM, gone by 10:16 ..).  Sometimes, however, the link to Visions is intentional and permanent.

ZymurgyMike describes itself as, “ramblings of a Alaskan about sex, marriage, beer, politics and anything else.” The blog postings are by Mike (duh) and his lovely wife Cara. To tell the truth, there didn’t appear to be all that many posts about bear, marriage or politics; but there are lots and lots of delightfully erotic posts about sex. I’m proud that these two horny Alaskans have thought well enough of Visions to put a link to it on their front page.

The comely young woman in this fine black and white photo by Luca Rubbi could be from Alaska, or maybe she’s been there, or thought about going, or had a friend who has…

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