In the day (and what the hell does that phrase really mean?), when Visions was an up and coming smut blog, before it was crushed by the WordPress Industrial Complex, I would often feel compelled to post here even if I had absolutely nothing to say. If  I was truly without a topic, worthy or not, I would just fake it.

So here I am again… I have nothing to say. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

But that never stopped me before.

Out of pure desperation, here are a few barely humous and vaguely erotic Flickr word links:

Remember  the drill – Flickr – safe search off…

Smut, Smutty, Slut, Slutty, Slit, Slitty, Bit, Bitty, Tit, TittyBett, Betty, Bat, Batty, Fat, Fatty,

And here, hoping to redeem myself, is a lovely topless girl, original image by Augenfutter, remixed by me:

Creative commons, non-commercial license

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