Weird, Odd & Strange

There are gerzillions of Flickr groups. Some are great, many are pedestrian, and some are, well, weird, odd or strange. Here, for no particular reason, are ten oddball Flickr collections…

Short Haired Girls – what it says… (cc photo by Mary-Lynn)

Toy Noir-y – “Shots of Toys, doodads, gimcracks, tchakes, dolls, action figures, models, legos, tinker toys, and so on and so forth posed and shot in the spirit of Film and Detective Noir.”

Popsicle Stick Bridge Contest – “Teams, bridges, and bridge breaking at this year\’s competition, held at the Museum of Flight, February 18. Hosted by ASCE\’s Younger Member Forum.”

Thong, G-String, or Panties? – “This is a group whose soul mission is to showcase those select individuals that have to make such a difficult decision each and every morning when they awake from slumber.” (photo by Suicide Girlscc)

Wet Shaving Gear – “Upload any gear used for wetshaving…”

NOSES – Close and Funny (right in the lens) – “Closer the better Funnier the better Admins will happily refuse entry to any image that they don’t consider to be close enough, funny enough or a nose enough.”

female feet: big toe is longest toe – “If You (sic) female, and your toes are stair-stepped from the big toe to the little toe, welcome to this group!” (cc photo by Mark Mitchell)

Toe-riffic! – Your favorites and mine, the camel toe collection your momma warned you about!”

My Face is My Canvas – “Sometimes the best way to express yourself is by turning your face into a work of art. Painted, dyed, written, glued, peanut-buttered…however you choose to express yourself, whether you’re drawing on yourself or sticking things to your face…”

bed bugs / bedbugs – “Please use this only to post photos of skin welts, bites, and lesions you know to have been caused by bed bugs (and not some other insect or an illness), bed bugs themselves, etc.”(cc photo by wonderferret)


And here, also for no particular reason, is a sexy girl no one would ever find weird, odd or strange at all…

Original image by marc crozatier cc, non-commercial

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