Let It Snow!

First Snow

By Kelsey Love Fusion Photocreative commons

In some ways the South is a backward place. We lag behind our northern cousins in many ways, from culture to crime to food. But our response to any significant snowfall is far superior. We just shut everything down and stay home even if the accumulation is relatively modest.

Last night we got hourly televised  reports on the arrival and subsequent progress of the first winter storm of the season. “One to two inches possible!” was the breathless forecast. Remote reports from intrepid, heavily bundled up reporters showed Knoxville under fierce assault from the “light to moderate” snow. At the bottom of the screen crawled a constantly updated listing of school and business closings.

So I sit here on a frigid monday morning enjoying a hot cup of coffee and the view of our massive, two inch snowfall which barely conceals the nearby subdivision yards. By rights I should be sitting in court waiting on my case to be called. I should be trying to explain to the judge why my client has fallen just a bit behind on his child support. But I’m not; I’ve been liberated by the modest army of a million unique snowflakes.

Snow, in the south, suspends the quotidian pace: a city-wide frozen, white timeout. I had a friend whose first job out of law school was in Chicago. She had the ill fortune to arrive on the cusp of one of the cruelest winters in memory. The worst part, she lamented, was the city never shut down no matter how much it snowed, no matter how nose numbing cold and hair whipping windy it got. Almost thirty years ago I dated a college student who hailed from Buffalo where unless the snow is over your head the city continues to hum along (she laughingly mocked our snow panic).

How sad.


Saturday I spent the morning photographing the Maryville Christmas Parade. The event could just as well been called the Baptists in pickups parade (the county boasts over a hundred Baptist churches). With over 120 “units” the parade crawled along its two or three mile route at a pace that would shame any self-respecting snail. Despite the rather jejune roster of  participants the parade, as always, drew a respectable crowd of gawkers. Below are a few of the better images of the eighty-six photos I posted on Flickr.

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