And Dropped Down Beside Her…


Here's looking at you, kid

photo by Thomas Shahan – cc attribution license

Do you like spiders?

Big ones?? Nasty ones???


think James Bond in his debut film Dr. No

Spiders give me the willies; i HATE THEM!

I want absolutely nothing to do with the scary little buggers.

But if spiders turn you on, then you’re in luck!

Flickr is just the place for you!

Search for the tag spider and you’ll find an astonishing 461,000 photos. Sure, not all of those shots are of the arachnid variety, but it gives you an idea how well you can construct a web of  spider fantasies.

Like a particular kind of spider? Search for black widow spider and you’ll get over twenty-five hundred hits. Wolf spider? Fifteen hundred. Tarantula? A whopping 20,000! According to Flickr, this hairy fellow is the second most interesting tarantula on the site.

Want your spiders in Flickr pools? Browse the 32,000 images in Spiders. If your thing is jumping spiders, check this group out. Really wanna know about spiders in Singapore? Here’s were to look! Really confused? Here’s a group for fans of the spiders made by Alfa Romeo.

And now, for the rest of us, who prefer our exciting creatures to walk on just two legs, here’s a nice blond lady walking on the beach:

By Brian Yap – cc attribution, non-commercial

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