Random Erotica

Times are tough. Your 401(k) tanked. You job hangs by a thread. Your wife is selling most of your stuff on Ebay. The repo guy is looking for your Toyota. You’re convinced the world teeters on the precipice thanks to Obama – or Palin – or both.

Yet there are compensations.

For instance, it’s a golden age of porn. What was once confined to raunchy mags you only found behind the counter in disreputable stores, or in seedy downtown movie theaters patronized  by creepy guys in raincoats, is now spewing out of the net every hour of every day like boiling water from thousands of Yellowstone geysers.

Want something truly hot, wicked or kinky? It just a Google search away. So while the repo man drives off with your Toyota,  you can console yourself by wallowing in any kind of internet porn you choose, at least till they cancel your internet service, they turn off your lights, or your wife sells your computer.

To help you pass your one-handed time, I offer you a random selection of Flicker purveyors of artful erotica. You know the drill: you gotta be a Flickr member with safe search off to enjoy this post…

JANK BORUC, BrittanyDGirl,

Cortic8, YepanchintcevSabrina Dacos,

Christian Nyback, CSDewitt, Arthur Vandaley,

Airotica1, and Tessyfetish

And now, courtesy of Stinkie Pinkie, here’s today’s creative commons lady (original)

By Stinie Pinkie

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