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When I was a kid I was fascinated with all the End of the Year Review TV programs. Didn’t matter what the subject was – sports, news, music, whatever – I watched every one of those programs I could.

Now, not so much. This December every web site has a Top Ten list for the year. Best tech. Worst tech. Worst Movies. Best Movies.  Best scandals. Weirdest quotes. Biggest Gaffes… In each case the writer gets to cut and paste ten posts from earlier in the year. Oh, and it helps if you can simply key your post to a lame slideshow to make it seem longer (or at least make it longer to read).

2010 was the year Visions discovered creative commons smut and the year we got banned by WordPress. 2010 was the year we died, and the year we were reborn. 2010 has also been the year I’ve learned I’ll write here even if next to no one is reading…

But, then, there are always the pretty, sexy photos. Like this one

Original image by Fernando Martines, (cc) remixed by me



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Close up from an old Popular Photography cover showing kodachrome image, by Nesster (cc)


1935 – 2010

Here’s an account of the now extinct film and the last Kodachrome rolls processed

In my first, and unsuccessful,  flirtation with serious photography I bought an off-brand SLR in the mid seventies. In 1978 my first wife and I spent nearly a month in Britain. We each had our own SLR by then and we took half a suitcase full of Kodachrome with us. We ended up with hundreds and hundreds of slides of  England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and a tiny sliver of France. Once we were safely home and had the film developed, it was galling to discover my wife had a better eye than I did. Her decent shots outnumbered mine by more than two to one. On the other hand, I  had many more photos of blurry trees taken through train windows than she did. When we got divorced several years later I relinquished our slide projector and the three carousels of slides of the trip to her without a fight.

Vintage Kodachrome is a Flickr group of images from Kocachrome slides taken several decades ago.

The Atlantic offers a tribute to Kodachrome with a gallery of vintage photos.

‘Twas the Day After Christmas…

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Odds & Ends:

Flickr has lots of unintended uses. Here’s one of the more heartwarming ones: how an autistic child’s love of tigers on Flickr helps him develop motor skills.

Has Flickr missed the smartphone bandwagon? This Tech Crunch writer thinks so.

Yahoo’s financial woes and layoffs are giving rise to worries about the future of Flickr. This Flickr message board discusses the situation. This post from England’s Guardian offers a critical review of Yahoo’s plight.

Finally, here’s an enchantress by NightLifeStyle who appears to have no troubles of any kind…

creative commons – no derivatives

Merry Whatever…

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I have a young lady as a client who is from India. She’s been the country for about four years. I didn’t want to come right and ask her what her religion was. Aha! “Do you celebrate Christmas?” I thought my question was pretty clever since it was less than a week before the 25th.

“Oh yes,” she said, her eyes brightening.

“So,” I smiled in my condescending way, “you’re a Christian?”

“Oh goodness, no!” Her look suggested I wasn’t so clever after all. “I just really like getting presents!!”


She’s the kind of Christmas gift I’d certainly open first…

Original by Shawn Perez, remixed by me – creative commons, attribution only

“I’m the Girl in the Picture…”

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My wife disapproves of my love of photography. She is constantly offering dire warnings of what might happen to me if  I’m not careful. This is particularly true if I’m photographing young women or girls. It doesn’t seem to matter to her none of my photos are salacious or that I have the parent’s consent, or even if mom is present. Even a headshot will have her muttering, “you’ll get in trouble for that…”

When I first started photographing in public I would meet any objection with righteous belligerence . After all, legally I had the right to photograph virtually anything visible from a public space. I began to reconsider my attitude after an alarmingly bellicose redneck in Union county threatened to kill me if I didn’t stop snapping photos of a horse in his field (I have no idea why, unless he was growing pot or something else illicit…)

Now I stride up to anyone questioning why I’m shooting and glad hand them as I effusively explain why I want to photograph them, their fence, child, dog, car, silo  or whatever. One late Spring morning I found a straight line of small, motorized tricycles in various bright, primary colors parked outside an old shopping center in northeast Maryville. Being the arty photgrapher I am, I sprawled on the ground to get a more original shot of the line of sunlit trikes.

“Hey, what are you doing!!?” I looked up and saw a rather large man striding rapidly toward me. I struggled to my feet and greeted him in as cheerful a voice as I could manage. I told him the line of little vehicles was a marvelous subject for photography and I found them lovely in the early morning sunlight.

“Oh, I thought maybe you were from one of my competitors, “ he said as his face softened. He quickly warmed to my desire to photograph the line of trikes he proudly told me he had himself arranged. After watching me sprawl back onto the pavement and shoot another dozen or so shots, he offered to let me photograph anything in his store. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings so I spent a few minutes perusing his inventory of gimcracks and gewgaws.

Prowling through the staging area of the Christmas parade ten days ago I was worried someone would object to my photographing them, their float, car, pickup truck, wife or daughter. I imagined having to explain to someone, perhaps even a policeman, why I was there. Amazingly, no one objected. While I got a few, “I wish you weren’t doing that,” looks, mostly people would waive and smile for the camera. I even had a few folks insist I photograph them or their child.

I was fascinated by one particular teenage girl perched on a  Christian themed float sponsored by a Baptist church (the county boasts well over a hundred Baptist churches).  She, and the half dozen other girls crowded onto a flatbed trailer bedecked with Christmas regalia and yoked to a muscular pickup were dressed as angels in white robes, wings and little halos made from tinsel. After snapping a few shots of her and her friends, I noticed a middle-aged man calmly watching me. I strolled up to him, “you connected with this float?” He smiled and nodded; we talked jovially for a minute or so about his church and the parade. As I left I handed him one of my cards listing my Flickr site’s URL.

Fascinated by the church girl’s coloring and facial bone structure, I ended snapping a score or more photos of her later that morning, most from a considerable distance using my 70-300mm lens. You will find a set of the better photos and images here.

A day or so after I posted the shots, the quote which is the title of this post appeared under one of the girl’s photos. At first I was stunned. I wondered how she had found the photo; then I remembered giving the man my card. Oh my, I thought, I hope she’s not mad, or her parents don’t think I’m some sort of pervert…?

She had created a Flickr membership and I sent her an email, bracing myself for her response….

She loved the photos; yesterday, at her request, I mailed Maria (a fitting name given the season) a CD with all of my posted shots of  her. She had told me she and  her parents thought my photos of her  were, “just really great!” She even inquired if I would shoot her senior photos next year. I was both relieved and peacock proud.

As you might imagine,  I made it a point to share this marvelously heartwarming  story with my wife…

Here’s my favorite shot of the images I posted of Maria on Flickr:

Why Her!??

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I admit I’m partial to this photograph. While it has the look of a well lit, formal portrait of a teenage girl, it was actually shot on the fly with a long lens (85mm) on an overcast Saturday morning just prior to the start of the Maryville Christmas Parade. Of course, like the majority of my shots, and virtually all of my portraits, a fair amount of photoshop processing went into the final result.

Here’s the strange part and the reason I’m writing this post: the photo has been viewed over 450 times on Flickr since it was posted just over two and a half days ago. More than half of the hits have come from “unknown sources”. Of all the images posted from shots I took of the Maryville Christmas parade, it is by far the most popular, even just counting hits originating from Flickr. The second most popular image has a mere 177 hits.

So, I’m left wondering, why is this image so popular?

I have no idea…

Update: As of Christmas Eve at 5:45 PM the photo’s hit count has passed 560. One clue I found from looking closely at the Flickr referrals: part of the popularity of the image may be because she’s wearing braces...!

Update 2: As of 12/26/10 at noon, the hit count has topped 600. Here’s the most popular photo tagged both braces and girl a quick search produced.

Update3: As of this evening – 12/27 – the count has passed 670… Braces still appear to be the major reason for so many hits.

Update4: 12/31/10 – 735. It’s definitely the braces. Think how many hits a live nude girl with braces would get!

Update5: 1/8/11 – 808

Update6:  2/26/12 – 1558

It’s Lonely Out Here…

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Writing and tending a smutty Flickr blog is lonely work.  It’s almost like being a lighthouse keeper (but without the fog horn). I keep waiting for my formal invitation to the National Smutty Blog Writer’s Association (NSBWA) convention. It never comes; I can’t even begin to tell you what I’ve wasted on tuxedo rentals these past three years…  I have dreams of my lowly blog being praised by my fellow Smutty Blog Writers and winning a Smutty Award, but those dreams have never come true and my mantle remains empty. Sigh…

But there are little bits of light in the grim darkness of smuttiness. I receive anywhere from two or three to half a dozen referrals from other web sites each day. Sometimes I can find no clue why a site is listed as a referrer. Other times my blog has appeared as a purely random listing on the referrer (here at 9:43 AM, gone by 10:16 ..).  Sometimes, however, the link to Visions is intentional and permanent.

ZymurgyMike describes itself as, “ramblings of a Alaskan about sex, marriage, beer, politics and anything else.” The blog postings are by Mike (duh) and his lovely wife Cara. To tell the truth, there didn’t appear to be all that many posts about bear, marriage or politics; but there are lots and lots of delightfully erotic posts about sex. I’m proud that these two horny Alaskans have thought well enough of Visions to put a link to it on their front page.

The comely young woman in this fine black and white photo by Luca Rubbi could be from Alaska, or maybe she’s been there, or thought about going, or had a friend who has…

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