Now Take My Wife…


My wife won’t let me photograph her at all.  If I somehow managed to take a shot of her without her knowing and then posted it to Flickr, my remaining life would be measured in hours.  Of  course I’d never try to take a photo of her on the sly – who would post to VISIONS after my demise!?

Happily, assuming you like WILF’s (Wives I’d Like to Fuck), there are dozens, if not hundreds, of guys posting lewd, sexy photos of their compliant spouses on Flickr. Some of these ladies make fine models and will likely turn you on. Others, well, I’m sure their husbands must believe they are the sexist women alive  (or are sadists of the worst kind). In any event, here are a few examples:

As always, gotta be a Flickr member with safe search off to see these photos!

Peter & Janka.  He likes her, he really likes her. So sad she has no head…

Street Beaver’s better half has no head either. This is a husband who isn’t shy about showing his fair companion’s most significant body part (but what would you expect given his Flickr handle…).

Here’s another body part macro of  jackbburg2000’s wife.

Bumperscuff likes his wife passed out on a bed in dim light. Alas, old Bum and his wife may have parted, the most recent photos on his site are of his girlfriend with her dildos.

Tcotta4’s wife offers him the best of both worlds. At least he appears nude, too, in his photostream.

Van Rijn claims his wife insisted on his taking this photo. If we ever meet her we’ll ask, as kindly as possible, why she did. This is one husband who is incredibly smitten with his wife, she’s his only model and virtually every photo in his stream is of her.

There are only 34 photos in silvika’s stream. Five of those shots are of his wife’s hairy pussy, including one taken underwater.

Just look at what Dungeongear got his wife for Christmas…

Finally, Unique Reflections offers a rare treat: his photographic skill matches the beauty of  his gorgeous wife!

And here’s a photo by Alejandro Amador of a sexy girl I’m sure is either someone’s wife, or will be, or already was, or who at least thought about being married once…


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