Thank You, Great Pumpkin!

Ah! Thanksgiving Day! A time to contemplate all the things we appreciate and owe thanks for to God, Divine Providence or the Great Pumpkin. Things like breasts, fuel injection, the Constitution, Roadrunner, breasts, algebra, New York City, tricycles, donuts, breasts, the United Nations, whipped cream, whisky, Corsica, breasts, and, of course, the Dewey Decimal System and Obamacare…

Here are three of the many fine Flickr photographers I am thankful for

Nakul Malhortra, Emwee1948, Zuraisham

And, of course, I am thankful for Flickr. Most of the time. Not to mention photos of breasts on Flickr, like this one by Suicide Girls, photoshopped by me…

ToriBell by SuicideGirls

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