Is 10,000 Too Many?

My Flickr photostream has, as of today, 9,964 images in it. In a matter of days or weeks I’ll reach 10,000. Is that too many? Should I be embarrassed by the huge number of relatively mediocre photos I’ve vomited into the rising internet flood over the past five years?

By my rough calculation, I’ve spent – wasted? – about five thousand hours taking, processing, and posting images to Flickr. That’s time I could have spent reading 500 great books, or building furniture, or volunteering to teach deserving poor kids to read for over fifteen hundred days (at three hours per day). I could have gone back to college and earned another degree. I could have climbed the world’s twenty highest mountains or run for President.

But I didn’t do any of those things. I just fiddled around with my camera, Photoshop and Flickr. For what? Maybe a hundred or so photos good enough to show off to the rest of the world. Am I any better off than some poor wretch who spent the last five years collecting old fence posts or  mainlining heroin? Who the fuck knows…

I don’t really care. I’d make a lousy President, have no skill with woodworking tools, don’t like kids and suffer from a fear of heights. I’ve got two useless degrees already.  And books? Hey, this is the internet age, who has time to read? So…  I’ll get to 10,000 Flickr photos before the end of the year, and to 20,000 by the end of 2015. Assuming I live that long, I’ll post my 50,000th photo on Flickr two months after  I reach the age of 83…

Here’s a photo by Jan Bassett of a sexy woman I could easily spend a few thousand hours getting to know:

Sammy G., by Jan Bassett

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