Girls Rule! But Women Not So Much…

Here’s a bit of Flickr trivia that will not shock you at all. Search “boy” and you’ll get 5.5 million hits. That’s a lot. But search “girl” and you’ll be buried under 12 million hits. Right. Girls are photographed lots more than boys. Who would have thunk it! But some related searches turn up some curious results:

Man – 8.2 million. Woman –  5.7 million

“Old Man” –  225,000.  “Old Woman” – 51,000

“Little boy” – 110,500  . “Little girl” – 257,400

“Nude boy” – 23,300 . “Nude girl” – 181,600

“Black man” – 29,100. “Black woman” – 8,240

“Black nude man”  – 752. “Black nude woman” – 106


How about that. Girls and “little girls” are much more popular subject than their male counterparts. Age girls into women and their popularity drops like a stone. Photos of old men outnumber those of old women four and a half to one. Oddly, black woman, even nude, aren’t nearly as popular as black  (or black nude) men. Insert your own comment on sexism ( or racism) here…


Here’s a excellent photograph by Osei Thompson of a sexy black woman who I’d never discriminate against:



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