Boycott MSNBC & AT&T Too!

Stupidity in Action:

Example One

I had to reset my iPhone 4 (yes, I have an Iphone 4 – I am that cool) a week or so ago. This apparently wiped out my AT&T voicemail password. I finally got around to going to the local AT&T store yesterday. After staring at my iPhone and then his computer screen for several minutes, the guy behind the counter told me he couldn’t help me, that I’d have to call some 800 number. I wasn’t in a good mood and snarked, “does it seem as absurd to you as it does to me that you can’t help me?”

“No sir,” he snapped back, “it doesn’t seem absurd at all. We’re in sales here…” How dumb of me to think AT&T would have anyone offering tech support in this cavernous,  modern looking store in addition to the seven or eight salespersons prowling around, each one purring as they approach you, “how can I help you today?”

Example Two

Then I learn yesterday MSNBC has suspended Kieth Olbermann for making political donations to three Democratic candidates. Seems this violates a NBC rule designed to protect its  news department from seeming biased. Yes, of course I  was “shocked, shocked” to discover KO is a Democrat (but then I’ve only been watching him for about three years).  Given that Olbermann’s MSNBC’s biggest rating draw it seems a doubly stupid move. So I’m boycotting MSNBC. And You Should Too!

Anyway, the bright eyed nude below at least looks at me like she might just be willing to help me with another, um, problem…

original image by Robert Swier


Creative Commons license

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