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Now Take My Wife…

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My wife won’t let me photograph her at all.  If I somehow managed to take a shot of her without her knowing and then posted it to Flickr, my remaining life would be measured in hours.  Of  course I’d never try to take a photo of her on the sly – who would post to VISIONS after my demise!?

Happily, assuming you like WILF’s (Wives I’d Like to Fuck), there are dozens, if not hundreds, of guys posting lewd, sexy photos of their compliant spouses on Flickr. Some of these ladies make fine models and will likely turn you on. Others, well, I’m sure their husbands must believe they are the sexist women alive  (or are sadists of the worst kind). In any event, here are a few examples:

As always, gotta be a Flickr member with safe search off to see these photos!

Peter & Janka.  He likes her, he really likes her. So sad she has no head…

Street Beaver’s better half has no head either. This is a husband who isn’t shy about showing his fair companion’s most significant body part (but what would you expect given his Flickr handle…).

Here’s another body part macro of  jackbburg2000’s wife.

Bumperscuff likes his wife passed out on a bed in dim light. Alas, old Bum and his wife may have parted, the most recent photos on his site are of his girlfriend with her dildos.

Tcotta4’s wife offers him the best of both worlds. At least he appears nude, too, in his photostream.

Van Rijn claims his wife insisted on his taking this photo. If we ever meet her we’ll ask, as kindly as possible, why she did. This is one husband who is incredibly smitten with his wife, she’s his only model and virtually every photo in his stream is of her.

There are only 34 photos in silvika’s stream. Five of those shots are of his wife’s hairy pussy, including one taken underwater.

Just look at what Dungeongear got his wife for Christmas…

Finally, Unique Reflections offers a rare treat: his photographic skill matches the beauty of  his gorgeous wife!

And here’s a photo by Alejandro Amador of a sexy girl I’m sure is either someone’s wife, or will be, or already was, or who at least thought about being married once…


creative commons

non-commercial – no derivatives

Shameless Revival

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One of the more popular features on VISIONS back in its more sleazy, porno days was Big Tits. Here, because I have nothing better to offer, are a few more examples of  mammalian overload…

Christmas Gifts – MonstersBig & Shiny

To see the above, you must be a Flickr member with safe search off

And here, courtesy of Daniel Fellows, is another fine example of breasts grown alarmingly large (cc, non-commercial, no derivatives):


by Daniel Fellowes





Thank You, Great Pumpkin!

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Ah! Thanksgiving Day! A time to contemplate all the things we appreciate and owe thanks for to God, Divine Providence or the Great Pumpkin. Things like breasts, fuel injection, the Constitution, Roadrunner, breasts, algebra, New York City, tricycles, donuts, breasts, the United Nations, whipped cream, whisky, Corsica, breasts, and, of course, the Dewey Decimal System and Obamacare…

Here are three of the many fine Flickr photographers I am thankful for

Nakul Malhortra, Emwee1948, Zuraisham

And, of course, I am thankful for Flickr. Most of the time. Not to mention photos of breasts on Flickr, like this one by Suicide Girls, photoshopped by me…

ToriBell by SuicideGirls

Finishing the Hat

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Like virtually every elitist, bleeding heart, Sarah Palin hating, liberal snob in the world, I simply adore Steven Sondheim. Friday night we watched the blu ray of the concert celebration of  his eightieth birthday. Such glorious music and lyrics performed by so many dazzling, broadway stars! Why, I nearly fainted two or three times.

There is a marvelous song in Sondheim’s Sunday in the Park with George: Finishing the Hat. Also the title of Sondheim’s new book, the lyrics are a celebration of the joy of making art even in the face of personal loss:

And when the woman that you wanted goes,
You can say to yourself, “Well, I give what I give.”
But the woman who won’t wait for you knows
That however you live,
There’s a part of you always standing by,
Mapping out the sky,
Finishing a hat . . .
Starting on a hat . . .
Finishing a hat . . .
Look I made a hat . . .
Where there never was a hat.

George Seurat, the 19th century French artist and subject of the musical, was a great artist (best known for his masterpiece, Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte).  Steven Sondheim is a great artist. Both obviously took great joy in creating their masterpieces. Thank God they did. The world is enriched by their outpouring of art. Their stunning work both thrills and amazes me.

I imagine both of them were born to create; they could only choose what to create, not whether to do so . For these titans, I would think neither riches nor fame mattered. They were continually compelled to “finish the hat”.  They were as driven to make art as birds are to fly (or fish are to swim; but I don’t mean to showboat, Oscar…)

I am not a great artist. I am not a good artist. On my very best day, at the zenith of my talent and inspiration, I might aspire to a jejune mediocrity. But there is one quality I share with Seurat, with Sondheim, with virtually every other giant of art:  a compulsion to create.  Of course I’d like recognition, even adulation, not to mention fortune.  But it doesn’t matter. I don’t really care. Over and over again, I must finish the hat. And I know there are thousands, even millions, of others out there who will never rise out of obscurity either but who must also finish theirs.

Hat tip to Wikipedia. Please donate.

Here’s a nude by Seurat:

Standing Model (1887)

And my remix of a luscious photo by Manu2560, is my shameless homage to Seurat, but I admit its pretty pointless…


By Manu2560

Girls Rule! But Women Not So Much…

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Here’s a bit of Flickr trivia that will not shock you at all. Search “boy” and you’ll get 5.5 million hits. That’s a lot. But search “girl” and you’ll be buried under 12 million hits. Right. Girls are photographed lots more than boys. Who would have thunk it! But some related searches turn up some curious results:

Man – 8.2 million. Woman –  5.7 million

“Old Man” –  225,000.  “Old Woman” – 51,000

“Little boy” – 110,500  . “Little girl” – 257,400

“Nude boy” – 23,300 . “Nude girl” – 181,600

“Black man” – 29,100. “Black woman” – 8,240

“Black nude man”  – 752. “Black nude woman” – 106


How about that. Girls and “little girls” are much more popular subject than their male counterparts. Age girls into women and their popularity drops like a stone. Photos of old men outnumber those of old women four and a half to one. Oddly, black woman, even nude, aren’t nearly as popular as black  (or black nude) men. Insert your own comment on sexism ( or racism) here…


Here’s a excellent photograph by Osei Thompson of a sexy black woman who I’d never discriminate against:



Is 10,000 Too Many?

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My Flickr photostream has, as of today, 9,964 images in it. In a matter of days or weeks I’ll reach 10,000. Is that too many? Should I be embarrassed by the huge number of relatively mediocre photos I’ve vomited into the rising internet flood over the past five years?

By my rough calculation, I’ve spent – wasted? – about five thousand hours taking, processing, and posting images to Flickr. That’s time I could have spent reading 500 great books, or building furniture, or volunteering to teach deserving poor kids to read for over fifteen hundred days (at three hours per day). I could have gone back to college and earned another degree. I could have climbed the world’s twenty highest mountains or run for President.

But I didn’t do any of those things. I just fiddled around with my camera, Photoshop and Flickr. For what? Maybe a hundred or so photos good enough to show off to the rest of the world. Am I any better off than some poor wretch who spent the last five years collecting old fence posts or  mainlining heroin? Who the fuck knows…

I don’t really care. I’d make a lousy President, have no skill with woodworking tools, don’t like kids and suffer from a fear of heights. I’ve got two useless degrees already.  And books? Hey, this is the internet age, who has time to read? So…  I’ll get to 10,000 Flickr photos before the end of the year, and to 20,000 by the end of 2015. Assuming I live that long, I’ll post my 50,000th photo on Flickr two months after  I reach the age of 83…

Here’s a photo by Jan Bassett of a sexy woman I could easily spend a few thousand hours getting to know:

Sammy G., by Jan Bassett

Boycott MSNBC & AT&T Too!

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Stupidity in Action:

Example One

I had to reset my iPhone 4 (yes, I have an Iphone 4 – I am that cool) a week or so ago. This apparently wiped out my AT&T voicemail password. I finally got around to going to the local AT&T store yesterday. After staring at my iPhone and then his computer screen for several minutes, the guy behind the counter told me he couldn’t help me, that I’d have to call some 800 number. I wasn’t in a good mood and snarked, “does it seem as absurd to you as it does to me that you can’t help me?”

“No sir,” he snapped back, “it doesn’t seem absurd at all. We’re in sales here…” How dumb of me to think AT&T would have anyone offering tech support in this cavernous,  modern looking store in addition to the seven or eight salespersons prowling around, each one purring as they approach you, “how can I help you today?”

Example Two

Then I learn yesterday MSNBC has suspended Kieth Olbermann for making political donations to three Democratic candidates. Seems this violates a NBC rule designed to protect its  news department from seeming biased. Yes, of course I  was “shocked, shocked” to discover KO is a Democrat (but then I’ve only been watching him for about three years).  Given that Olbermann’s MSNBC’s biggest rating draw it seems a doubly stupid move. So I’m boycotting MSNBC. And You Should Too!

Anyway, the bright eyed nude below at least looks at me like she might just be willing to help me with another, um, problem…

original image by Robert Swier


Creative Commons license