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Not Just a Pretty Face…

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There is a reason this shot is here… Honest. It is definitely not posted merely for the nice view of her… At least I think there’s another reason. Oh! Wait!! Yes!! This photo is a fine example of the work I did as official photographer for the Hillbilly Homecoming, an original musical play directed by my friend and film actor David Dwyer. The play opens tomorrow night at the Clayton Center on the Maryville College campus.

Bob Guccione

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Bob Guccione, the publisher of Penthouse and a handful of other erotic magazines, is dead at the age of 79. I remember the magazine best for its letters section. Virtually every sexual oddity or fetish was covered. Amazing how all those letters from readers seemed written by the same hand… Still some of those letters opened my eyes to some pretty erotic stuff.

Oddly, I wasn’t that attracted to the photos. The Penthouse Pets were photographed in a more realistic style than Hefner’s Playmates. My god, those Penthouse hussies had pubic hair!! But by the time Penthouse appeared I’d already become strongly addicted to the gauzy, hair free images of wholesome pulchritude Playboy had been providing me for years…

Random Acts of Kissing

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Searching through Flickr CC photos tagged “sexy woman” I came across dozens of photos of different women kissing each other. Fully clothed, mostly ordinary looking women photographed with little art or skill. Apparently there was some kind of event somewhere, or maybe a contest. I don’t know, I was too lazy to look into the matter closer. Of course I was just trying to find another free nudie photo to post to this lame blog. Besides, the cultural dissonance of public lesbian affection no longer speaks to us; its become a hackneyed cliche. Visions will have nothing to do with it.

Now, on the other hand, two nude women kissing is, I’m told, all the rage and is a fresh, if ironic, visual commentary on the absurdity of our post industrial sexual mores. Or maybe not…

Photo by Bobster855

Political Nightmare

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I’m a yellow dog Democrat. I was flying high just two short years ago. Now, as the midterm elections slither ever closer, I’m trembling and turning white as a ghost.

I read a prediction on the Internet today claiming the Republicans will capture every single seat in the senate and win all but one of the 435 house contests. Once seated the Republicans will impeach Obama and Biden, then elevate Speaker Michelle Bachmann to the Presidency (who will keep the Oval Office warm until 2012 when thd Palin/ Beck ticket will take every state and half of Europe, not to mention several more middle eastern counties as well).

Finding Flickr erotic sites like Mark J. Heffron’s help relieve my panic and depression. Here’s a lady I’d gladly vote for whatever her party affiliation!

Thinking About You?

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You aren’t like other guys – those guys who only like mindless, naked bimbos with big bouncing breasts and moronic smiles plastered across their faces. No, while you most certainly enjoy an unclad woman, you prefer a sober, thoughtful, even intelligent pretty miss who’s missing her clothing. Because you are so refined, so much better than those kind of guys – this girl’s for you…

The Hidden Collection

She Can Run but She Doesn’t Hide…

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Ah, you ask: what is the perfect accessory for the classic nude? Why, tennis shoes, of course. Visions is disappointed you even had to ask…



Nude in Tennis Shoes


By Bob Bobster

Video! Video!

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Want to waste a lot of your time? Here’s how to do it: download a Flickr set to your iPhone 4, then use the iMovie editing software to make a slideshow video of your images. Oh yeah, add some nice music (don’t bother thinking about copyright), then spend more time tweaking your production before you upload it to You Tube. A good way to kill a couple of hours at least…

Here are two short videos that consumed moreĀ of my time than I’d like to admit. The first features some of my florals, the second Cades Cove in the Smokies.