Dead Blog Walking…

Since WordPress killed this blog by removing it from their searchable listings, it has refused to die. This is the first update since April, yet it still garners twenty to sixty hits a day.

Here, for you diehards who return to this site hoping against hope for a nudie pic, here’s a Flicker CC image of a nice young lady with nice young breasts:


I know, as lovely as the model may be, this photo is simply entirely too sophisticated for Vision readers… Maybe you’ll prefer this image, instead…

By Paul Rodriguez — cc licnese

One Response to “Dead Blog Walking…”

  1. Hmmm, glad to see you are back.

    I’m sure you already have, but in the dashboard check your “Settings”, “Privacy” to ensure you have the button checked to allow search engines to find your blog. That is of course if WordPress hasn’t done something purposefully to limit your traffic.

    Nevertheless, I’m glad your back albeit temporary or miniscual.

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