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Steve Jobs Knows Where I Live!!

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This post is really just an excuse to let you all know I have an iPhone 4. Yes, thank you, I am obviously a better, smarter, better looking, better smelling  and richer person than you…

Apple upgraded the IOS for the iphone recently. The five pixel camera can now take HDR photos. While the tiny sensor in the phone isn’t about to make my Nikon nervous, HDR is a fun feature and is marginally useful. If you want to use the HDR feature, however, you will need to hold you camera very, very still. Even in bright light a shaken hand creates a fractured photo. Take a close look at the photo below to see what I mean. The shot to shot time with HDR enabled is slow, slow, and slower…

The iphone automatically records s photo’s geographic location. This is a fine feature when you are shooting miles and miles away from home. You will always know the exact longitude and latitude where you snapped that picture of a bear shitting in the woods. The trouble is this: shoot around, or in, your house, then post your photos to Flickr and you let the entire planet know the precise location of your abode. They can use Google maps to see the precise location of your home (and then use street view to see where your front door and windows are). I didn’t notice this dubious feature of my iphone at first (I rarely bother to post geo information on Flickr).  Once I did I quickly changed the location of my in-house photos to the wilds of Knox county. That will surely foil any nasty internet savvy burglars seeking to steal my stuff  (like my iPhone…)

Feeling Blue…

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Look at this!! Another Visions post!!

Another gratuitous nude!!


Double B Photography

The above image is from Avatar, the Director’s Cut…

Dead Blog Walking…

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Since WordPress killed this blog by removing it from their searchable listings, it has refused to die. This is the first update since April, yet it still garners twenty to sixty hits a day.

Here, for you diehards who return to this site hoping against hope for a nudie pic, here’s a Flicker CC image of a nice young lady with nice young breasts:


I know, as lovely as the model may be, this photo is simply entirely too sophisticated for Vision readers… Maybe you’ll prefer this image, instead…

By Paul Rodriguez — cc licnese