Love you can’t Escape…

In what was certainly one of the most awkward moments of my life, early one morning I had an old girlfriend tied to my bed in anticipation of a really fun bondage session. The phone rang and I padded naked across the room and answered it. It was her husband. “Can I speak to Gayle?” he asked rather meekly.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “she’s tied up at the moment but I’ll have her call you right back…”

It turned out I was her revenge fuck. He’d been screwing around on her for quite some time. I was the lucky devil she chose to be the supporting player in her dramatic payback scene. She had left my name and number on a table in their Atlanta  home after she had left to come to Knoxville (and to me) and he’d put two and two together.

Gayle dressed quickly and called him back. I made a point of not listening to the call. Before she left to return to Atlanta she said in a dramatic, little girl voice: “now I’m as bad as he was…”

As the door closed behind her I was  the one who felt fit to be tied. I unknotted the ropes on my bed posts then hurriedly took a very hot shower.

Here’s a Flickr group of bondage photos, Enjoy…

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Photo by BemDevassacreative commons

BemDevassa’s photostrean

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