SEXY SET: Sex in the Good Old Days

Sex wasn’t invented yesterday. it was actually invented about 1.2 billion x 365 yesterdays ago… Most of us think sex, in terms of all the naughty fun stuff, wasn’t invented until quite recently (certainly your parents didn’t know of it). When I was twelve I stumbled across a book by Harold Robbins. It had the word fuck in it and a vague description of masturbation. I was stunned. I thought fuck was just a word used in my small California town by kids like me. I wasn’t sure what the masturbation scene was about; it would be a year or so before I discovered that solitary joy all the way across the country in southern Virginia.

In any event, here’s proof courtesy of Foxtongue of all kinds of sexual mischief back in the good old days…

…………. …………..

See all 2,300 photos in Foxtongue’s set VINTAGE!

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