Panties for Prosperity

Let’s face it, our country is in the economic crapper. Unemployment is way up, consumer spending is way down; foreclosures are way up, home sales are way down. What can we do!? President Obama’s stimulus bill is not working quickly enough… Dire times call for extraordinary measures, so –

VISIONS has its own stimulus plan: panties. We outfit every woman in America in sexy panties and we mandate these same women wear very short skirts so on windy days their adorable panties are clearly visible to anyone. Men will be charged up by the exciting view of their women and female strangers in such enticing underwear. Women will be exhilarated by all the sexual energy being directed towards them. When both the men and the women of our great land feel good and sexy they’ll whip out their credit cards and open their purses and go on a massive buying spree and our long national nightmare will be over…!

All photos by Mike Goatcreative commons

Don’t you feel better? Now, hurry up and get out there to the mall and buy me something!

Do it now for our great nation!

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