Here’s Looking at You

I haven’t been in a strip club in years. The last time I went, with a teacher friend of mine, I drank a bit more than was healthy for both me and my wallet. Normally when I went to a club I was tightfisted with my cash, rarely buying a table dance. I’d sit in the back, sipping my single, overpriced beer, and just watch the bare breasted dancers take their turns on the tiny stage.

Not that night. The cheap whisky  loosened my purse strings. We enticed a small blond with large breasts to our table. She put on a show and I pulled more money from my wallet and eagerly handed it to her. Sensing an opportunity to increase her night’s haul of cash, she redoubled her efforts. As  I drank the water downed whisky and she danced ever closer to me, I began thinking about wrapping a hundred dollar bill around one of my business cards and giving it to her in an attempt to meet her later outside the club.

The funny thing is that it was not her tits or ass or legs that had my head spinning. It was her face and her expression of absolute lust. She looked at us as if they only thing on her mind was fucking. My rational mind knew it was only an act; her real intent was separating us from as many fives, tens and twenties as she could. I had represented enough dancers to know their common attitude toward club patrons was humorous disgust. After all the drinks I’d consumed, however, I  could not tear my eyes away from hers that seemed to promise so much. Thankfully my friend dragged me out of the club before I could act on my foolish plan. To this day, however, I recall how she looked up at me from below, how her eyes bore into mine as she leaned intoxicating close to me in that darkened club, and how lost I was in my fantasy of feeling her body under mine.

So here’s a photo of a woman with roughly the same come hither and I’ll fuck you expression. Enjoy…

By SuicideGirlscreative commons

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One Response to “Here’s Looking at You”

  1. as a girl, that was really odd to read. but I totally know what you mean, ahha. did it last night in fact

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