Random Erotica

Many people a few fans nobody asks VISIONS how it goes about its business of picking such marvelously erotic photos. While the Visions’s algorithm is largely a proprietary secret, we can give a few details. We use the explore feature on Flickr and then use our secret set of tags to run a search. With our giant server farm we can process the entire Flickr database of photos in just less than a nanosecond (although we intentionally delay the process to allow us to sip or lattes and eat our scones).

Here are a few random selections Visions culled during its last pass through the four billion Flickr photos:

Only Flickr members with safe search OFF will see these photos. Join Flickr free.

Chains Pink on White Elf Amazon

High Heels TwistedRed Boots

Lower Level Bleeding Love Stumped

ReflectionsTopsy Turvy Front or Back?

Sofa SirenRed TapeFurryHTML

Best Buds RedheadsSmokeEngaged

Against a Wall


By Manu2560creative commons

Read all of VISIONS

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